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So much sacrifice goes into the lives of our service people.  Relationships are put on hold, assets are frozen and so many goodbyes are said.  And when they return, our military service people struggle to put all the familiar pieces of “home” back together again. 
The Barking Barracks is dedicated to helping our service men and women say one less goodbye. Our goal is to safely care for our military's personal dogs, and reunite them with their heroic owners at the end of their tours of duty.
Louie's Story

On October 13, 2012 The Barking Barracks received the following email from PFC Linsay K.  Lindsay writes,

“Hi my name is Lindsay. Dave from k9 unlimited told me to speak with Chris Smith. I have a 3 year old ovtcharka. Louie is 200 pounds and has some issues with aggression. He tends to be very protective of me and people he knows. He's a good boy, but he needs a home where someone understands him or has training experience. I’ve tried every local shelter, and they all advised me that my dog would probably get put to sleep due to his size and aggression. I spoke with so many kennels but no one would take him for that long of an extended stay and the one pet hotel that would take him, wanted 15,000 dollars. I found out today (10/17) that I am leaving for Afghanistan in 2 weeks (10/31). I don’t know what to do with my dog and he's my baby. He's all I got. I really hope that you can help me! Thank you!”

After several frantic phone calls and emails later, we set up a time to come to NJ and meet Mr. Louie in person!  On October 23rd, we got our chance.  True to form, Louie was protective of his home and Mommy, and more then a little intimidating since he stands about 6’2” on his hind feet! Chris with the aid of a protective bite suite, was able to walk with Louie and he was much calmer away from his “home turf.”  It was decided that Louie would come to the Barking Barracks, but his accommodations needed to be thought out carefully, and time was of the essence since Lindsay was leaving in ONE week!

 It was decided that the safest and most comfortable arrangement for Louie would be a custom indoor/ outdoor dog run with a kennel door that can be raised and lowered so we can care for him while he gets used to trusting us. Time was tight though and we were about to get a MAJOR curveball in the form of Super Storm Sandy!

Construction began Friday, October 27th at a furious pace and continued pretty much non-stop till Monday morning… right before the storm descended. Thankfully we suffered no extreme damage and Louie’s home made it through the storm.  Now that we had Louie’s house, we needed Louie!  After some stress of closed bridges and tunnels, Louie arrived Oct 31, just in time for Lindsay’s deployment. 
It was a mad dash and a courageous act of construction from our board Members Chris Smith and Chris Garrett, but we got it done.  Now, Louie is safe and sound until Lindsay comes home!
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- Identify and purchase a larger Northeast parcel of land
- Build customized, cozy, sanitary dog runs
- Create interactive play and training areas complete with state of the art pet grass and drainage systems 
- Secure additional food, bedding, toys, and "creature comforts" for our treasured canine guests
- Reach out to active military personnel who greatly need, and can benefit from, our services
- Host at lease one major fundraiser and attend as many support-building events as possible
The Barking Barracks launched in Spring 2012 and we're already inundated with requests from active military people looking for a happy, safe home away from home for their dogs. In order to fill these current requests and, eventually, expand to other regions, we need your support
How can you help?
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* Tell all your family, friends, military buddies & colleagues to get involved (Volunteer here)
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