The Barking Barracks
2135 Jericho Turnpike 
Garden City Park,
NY 11040
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The Barking Barracks is a 501(c)3 charitable organization dedicated to the long-term boarding needs of our active military's personal dogs. Our goal is to provide their cherished canines with a safe, healthy home away from home until they can reunite with their heroic owners.
Our expert staff assists the dogs with the transition to and from their natural homes. The dogs exercise and socialize in the healthiest of environments while they anxiously await their masters' return.
The Barking Barracks also makes a pledge to each dog owner that, should they be unable to reclaim their pet, the organization will either find a suitable home for him or her or keep the dog indefinitely.  
Your donation will help us promote, market ant support the mission of The Barking Barracks. It will assist us in making this service as low cost as possible for our service people. For the active military men and women who can't afford to board, your donations will help us bear the food, medical and boarding costs of keeping their canine safe while they're off serving our country.
In short, every dollar you donate will be "Helping Our Heroes Say One Less 'Goodbye'".
Shop your Support!
Use the link below when you shop on amazon and 0.5% of your purchase will go to support the Barking Barracks!
Volunteers needed as well!
Got a specialized skill you can "donate" to our newly-formed nonprofit? Let us know! We're actively recruiting for financial assistants, fundraisers, event coordinators, real estate development specialists and generalists who just happen to love dogs and greatly respect all that our service people do for us.
Sponsor a Barking Barracks Dog
Barking Barracks' low cost boarding fee is $10 a day.  We strive one day to make it free for everyone!  In order to do that, we need your help! By sponsoring a specific dog, you allow us to apply your donation directly to the cost of caring for that dog. We thank you and our brave service members thank you!  If you would like us to sponsor a Barking Barracks Dog you may either mail a check to:
The Barking Barracks
P.O. Box 1087
Bay Shore, NY 11706
Use our "donate" tab a the bottom of this page.  If you are donating online please send us an email at: to let us know which dog you are sponsoring.  You many also set up a monthly gift for a specific dog.  Please email us for more information. 
Thank you all for your continued help!!

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- Identify and purchase a larger Northeast parcel of land
- Build customized, cozy, sanitary dog runs
- Create interactive play and training areas complete with state of the art pet grass and drainage systems 
- Secure additional food, bedding, toys, and "creature comforts" for our treasured canine guests
- Reach out to active military personnel who greatly need, and can benefit from, our services
- Host at lease one major fundraiser and attend as many support-building events as possible
The Barking Barracks launched in Spring 2012 and we're already inundated with requests from active military people looking for a happy, safe home away from home for their dogs. In order to fill these current requests and, eventually, expand to other regions, we need your support
How can you help?
* Pledge a donation (visit our Donate page to see where your funds go)
* "Like" us on Facebook, "Tweet" us up on Twitter, and "Pin us on Pinterest!
* Tell all your family, friends, military buddies & colleagues to get involved (Volunteer here)
* Shop on Amazon with Amazon Smile
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